About Us

I've always been inspired by nature. Being born and raised in Vermont I've never lived anywhere else, nor would I want to! I began creating jewelry pieces about eight years ago and have never stopped. I was on a walk one day and I remember my son picking a dandelion flower for me. I remember thinking, I wish I could keep this forever. I went home, began sketching and came up with my first pendant and from there it grew into something I love. 

The name of my small business came to me one night, my son and I were outside. It was dark and raining but the moon was full and bright. My, then 3 year old son looked up at me and asked "Mommy, why is the moon crying?" It stuck and we became Crying Moon Creations.

When we're not creating pieces, we cherish time with family; enjoying family barbecues and camping at Vermont State Parks. We love animals and spend lots of time with our two black cats, Kenzie and Otis. We recently adopted a rescue that came all the way from Missouri, a black Lab mix named Zoey. We regularly support several Vermont animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations.


Our Staff

 Kenzie, Design Critic


 Zoey, Guard Dog


Otis, Shipping Supervisor